27 Jan 2015 - 09 Sep 2016

Made with GameMaker: Studio

Void Invaders is a colorful, chaotic and explosive arcade game with simplistic retro-styled graphics. Blast your way through more than 40 levels filled with enemies, huge bosses and destructive power-ups while upgrading, earning achievements and unlocking secrets.

This is a game I made together with Koen Bolhuis. Our game development collaboration is called VoidDev and our website can be found here.

We started working on Void Invaders in January 2015, I was 17 years old, Koen was 16. The first few versions of the game were published on GameJolt, where it gained a lot of attention as it was put on their home page one month after we put it on the site.

After a couple months we got in touch with the publisher Black Shell Media, who offered to bring the game to Steam. In August 2015, the full game was finished and released on Steam after getting Greenlit in 12 days. After the Steam release, we continued working on the game, publishing a bunch of content updates until September 2016. We also got in touch with Dell and Logitech to implement specific hardware-related features for the game, mainly programmed backlight for Alienware and Logitech devices. Later, we ported the game to Android so it could run on the PlayJam console.

The game was sold around 40,000 times during the first two years and has "very positive" reviews according to Steam.

Void Invaders is available for Windows and Linux.

Personally this was a really big step for me, I had never worked on any game for so long. This is actually the first game I made with GameMaker: Studio and the first project I used Git for (which I now use for pretty much everything).

I also finally ditched running my games at 30 frames per second. (Yes, seriously.)