12 Mar 2011 - 19 Mar 2011

Made with GameMaker 8

A shooter with 42 levels and a bunch of different types of enemies. There are 35 regular levels and 7 boss levels. After defeating a boss, you get upgrade points that can be spent on speed, acceleration, and angular velocity. You get additional upgrades by defeating some bosses, like faster rate of fire and more health.

This is the only game that I ever lost the source code for (I only have the executable file). I'm still hoping to stumble across it some day.

Update February 16th, 2020: Finally found it almost 9 years after its release.


Multi Cell
Follow Cell
Grow Cell
Virus Cell
Iron Cell
Black Hole Cell
Super Cell
Uber Cell
Explode Cell
Rainbow Cell


Cell Boss
Follow Cell Boss
Virus Cell Boss
Grow Cell Boss
Multi Cell Boss
Rainbow Cell Boss
Final Cell Boss
Black Hole