Jan 2017 - Feb 2020

This is not actually a game, yet. I'm developing it using my own custom 3D engine built from scratch using the MonoGame framework.

I'm still working on the engine itself, but in the meantime I'm playing around with various concepts for a potential game.

Current features:

  • Custom render engine that supports rendering using multiple shaders simultaneously, as well as handling transparency and depth correctly
  • Basic collision checking using brute-force ray vs triangle intersection techniques
  • Real-time shadow rendering using the shadow volume technique
  • Custom lighting shaders
  • Various post-processing shaders
  • Custom UI system
  • Advanced built-in level editor
  • Collision map system
  • Ability to slow down and speed up game simulation time
  • Frame interpolation to support high framerates independent from game loop (physics) time
  • Particle system
  • BEPUphysics physics engine integration
  • irrKlang audio engine integration

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